Rest in Peace Michael Jackson


It was hard to choose which MJ picture to choose, so I went with something in the middle. I know my timing is late, but here are some twits I said when hearing about his passing. This is what the impact he had on me as a child.

Thanks MJ for saving me for those times when I couldn't get the party started.

Props to my sister, who knew the whole "Thriller" dance, AND the whole "Beat It" dance. She would even do the knife fight by herself, lol

Who remembers MJ gettin punked in the project hallway by Wesley Snipes in the 'BAD' video? MJ tryin to be Hood, lol

Who remembers when 'Black or White' extended video premiered Sun night Primetime, and parents were upset at the 'Excessive Crotch Grabbing'?

Who remembers the jacket w/ 27 Zippers? they came in Black or Red. Tory Smith in my 2nd grade class had one.

MJ had the lil baby pony tail in "The Way you Make me Feel" Vid. He was STYLIN! (that girl was fly too)

in the "Remember the Time" video..when he spun around, and turned into sand?! My mind blew, forreal!

ok, Show of hands...Who walked home from school and wanted the concrete slabs of side walk to light up!? *hand raised*

fav MJ Vid: Smooth Criminal. He Crushed the que ball and blew it in that dudes face, and then the TILT? c'mon...no one was fukin w/ that


I can say the Michael Jackson we all knew and loved has been gone for a while, but the impact on music will be recognized forever