Beats, Rhymes, & Life: 5 Years Strong

For those who don't know, I've been doing volunteer work with my good friends Non-Profit organization Beats, Rhymes, and Life based in Oakland, Ca. Beats, Rhymes, and Life (BRL) has been gaining a lot of momentum over the past few years, working with under-served youth and students in the community, providing Hip Hop, more specifically Rap, as a therapeutic outlet and building community and mental health through music. You can find out everything you want to know at www.beatsrhymesandlife.org, but I'm going to talk about the program in my own words.

When the media combines the words 'Oakland', 'Schools', and 'Youth' are mentioned in the same sentence, there's usually not a of good that comes out of it. During these tough financial times, budget cutbacks are effecting public schools more than ever, and with senseless violence plaguing cities across the country, todays youth is in a state of crisis. Organizations like Beats, Rhymes, and Life are essential to building strength, community, and comradary amongst the youth, and it's sad to say that relying on financial support from the state is an almost impossible task, so we NEED help from our community.

The Youth in this semester's BRL group are the best crop we've ever had. Only a few words that can describe these kids are Talented, Determined, and Poetic. So much of today's Hip Hop lacks substance and meaning, but these students open doors for observers and listeners to see that they ARE the future in Hip Hop, and they DO love the music. I see my young self in them.
There are nearly a dozen students in the group, and in 6 months time, they've manage to complete an album with 18 original songs, perform at numerous functions, and most importantly, work together effectively and professionally.

On Friday, June 26, we celebrate the 5 year anniversary of BRL with a live performance by the youth, DJ's, Award Ceremonies, Food, and much more. We want people to know that positive energy exist in Oakland's youth.

Here's the promo for the event on June 26th



Click Here to see photos from their last performance.
Big shout out to Chunny at vaindeer.com for making that happen.

Download a sampler from the BRL compilation "Tha Grand Entrance" HERE. Shout out to all the people who made this project happen, especially the producers who made this project as successful as it was.

Listen to Individual tracks here:

Beats, Rhymes, & Life

East Oakland

Hip Hop Anthem

If I were Principal

The Cypher (w/ a verse by DJ Haylow! lol)

To Order PRESALE Tickets for the JUNE 26th EVENT,
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Thank you all for your support,
and this is only the beginning!


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Hell yeah BRL rocks!!