Phat Kat - Dedication to the Suckas 12" (Prod. by Jay Dee)

I don't even need to put an audio sample of this one. If you're a Jay Dee fan, and if you haven't heard this 12", you need to download this immediately. This is some of Mr. Yancey's best work. I MAY even put these 3 Jay Dee beats on my top 25 Jay Dee beats. I don't believe these songs were on the first Phat Kat LP, so that makes it even more special. If you DO know what this is...then you must feel what I'm sayin.

O, I forgot to meantion...this 12" also shows off Jay Dee's Scratchin skills, which pretty much makes the song in my opinion. I can't think of a Jay Dee song, or Dilla song that has as much scratchin as 'Dedication...' and 'Don't Nobody...'. It gives you even more respect for Jay Dee (If that was possible).


Dedication to the Suckas 12"
Don't Nobody Care About Us (Vocal)
Don't Nobody Care About Us (Instrumental)
Dedication to the Suckas (Vocal)
Dedication to the Suckas (Instrumental)
Microphone Master (Vocal)
Microphone Master (Instrumental)


Joline said...

What up Haylow, it's Dan. Welcome back bruh. Joline mentioned to me the website, much props. Thanks for this gem. I need more stuff like this in the arsenal. I got first put on Dilla with Fantastic Vol. II, one of my favorites. I'll keep checkin in. One.