Outkast - Phobia

This one requires a lil background story. So me, Wonway, and Tomas were watchin a 'Black'buster on BET (I'm serious, that's what they call it) and the carefully selected movie was the 'Brilliant' workings of John Singleton's Higher Learning. The thing about Singleton's movies is that they have a shelf life of about 3 years, and since this one came out almost 15 years ago, it's now moved into the realm of comedy. Anyway, about 5 minutes into the movie, they played an Outkast track that I've NEVER heard of or never even known about. I was a Hip Hop sponge back then, and I'm surprised that that song slipped through the cracks. The next thing I did after I heard this cut in the movie is ripped the song from the web, and here it is for yall. If it slipped through your vaults as well, here it goes.

(I had to find the Ol School Outkast pic since this was '95.)


Outkast - Phobia

If You don't know the song, here's the lyrics: