DJ Vinroc - Beat Freaks

Peace to the legendary DJ Vinroc, who is makin some serious moves in '09. His new project 'Beat Freaks' is something you should definitely check for, and I'll keep yall updated on more upcoming projects from the homie Vin.

The Art of Beat Making "Believe"-Vinroc from Vinroc on Vimeo.

DJ Vinroc - BeatFreaks

Beat Freaks is a hodge podge of production work from the mind of Dj Vinroc. a collection of a simplistic collage of samples reinterpreted through a drum machine, Vinroc's influences and experience can be easily seen as that of a true fan of Hip Hop. A compilation of pre released, unheard, and never released tracks, Beat Freaks is intended for the true beat aficionado who can appreciate the grit, simplicity, and beauty of Hip hop music.

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DJ Vinroc - BeatFreaks