Eddy Senay - Step by Step

This album is a perfect hybrid of funk and soul. What makes this album, or Eddy Senay (I should say), special is that guitarists in jazz, funk, and soul, its not too common to have them highlighted as the featured musicians. As I've meantioned before, I'm really particular about vocalists, so to hear an instrumental guitarists is most refreshing. I'm not sure what type of guitar he uses (help anyone?) but his sound is do unique. Its hard to describe, but it almost sounds percussive as supposed to plucking strings. It's definitely something that moves me, and it's distinction makes it special. you MUST download this!

o yeah, he also gets an A+ for wardrobe on the album cover.

Step by Step

Sarko East (4:53)
Delgado (5:49)
Cameo (6:10)
Shakedown (3:50)
Phase 1 (4:48)
Safari (4:51)
Shakeero (4:01)
Soul Preachin' (5:52)


Anonymous said...

Hello Haylow,
This is Eddy Senay and I want to thank you for your support of my work. My Email is eddysenay7@hotmail.com