The Roots - Organix

This album is the reason why the 'Do You Want More??!!!?!' album started on track 13 (I think it was 13).

I remember one of my friends from my High School years told me, "I'll give you $100 if you can find The Roots 'Organix' album on vinyl". He was the one to tell me about the uncommonly known Roots album. I laughed, knowing I would never find the album, ESPECIALLY on wax (for all of you 21 and under, this was around 1998, so it was BEFORE you can just google the album title and have a free download waiting for you)
The NEXT TIME I went to the record store (now defunct Aron's records on Highland), I found it. And I couldn't believe it. I called my friend (NOT right then and there, I had to wait till I got home...no cell phones) and I told him I found it. He couldn't believe either.

My bubble was bursted when I realized they had re-issued the album.

Regardless, It's here.