The Nonce - World Ultimate

Now, now, now...when someone talkes about the undefinable 'Golden Era', The Nonce
is someone that may go unmentioned, but that doesn't mean it's not one of the greatest albums in Hip Hop. During the early to mid 90's, there were a LOT of artists that couldn't withstand the test of time, many had only a couple good projects, and that was it. This was also a time when Project Blowed was at it's prime, Dre was holdin it down on the Gangsta front, the Bay was makin HEEEELLA noise w/ their respective labels, so it was safe to say that not only L.A., but the whole westcoast was making a HUGE impact in Hip Hop.

This album is especially dear to me, because these cats repped L.A. the way I knew L.A. and they came from Leimert Park, which is right around the way from where I grew up (maybe I said too much!), so these were real home town heros to me as a youngster.

Most of the time a rapper fallin off is a sad tale, but Yousef (in the left of the pic) passed away around 2000, for reasons I don't know. It was unfortunate because foulplay was suspected, and everything I've heard regarding his death is a rumor. Instead of mourning, I'd like to celebrate the legacy of these Hip Hop legends, and spread their music to all that appreciate it.

The Nonce. Leimert Park, Los Angeles


LA to the BAY said...

Leimert Park, fooooo!!!

Haylow said...

Dayum, I guess I was in the Bay for TOO long! Thanks for noticing.