djhaylow.blogspot 1 Year Anniversary

It was one year ago when I posted my first blog entry. As I have been reflecting on the year that was because of the new year, now is a good time to reflect on the blog itself.

I don't wanna make this too emotional, or even make a big deal about it, but I would like to explain to yall why I decide to blog. When I first began the blog, my initial intention was to share music with people with similar tastes as mine, vent on political issues, and share my views on sports as it pertains to society. Throughout the budding stages, I went back and forth on how 'personal' I should make my blog, and I thought that the best way for my blog to reflect me is for my blog to have discussions, interaction, music, and find bits of multimedia that I find interesting, and use these things as a tool to teach and inform, and at the same time teach myself through research and learn from people who reach out to me. I decide not to blog about what I had for breakfast this morning, or post pictures of me and my friends wasted at a club every weekend (not that I have a problem with those who do!), or what I do on my days off, I want it to be for everyone to enjoy, and I don't want the focus to be solely on me.
With that being said, the blog is obviously not annonymous, but it is what I am into, what I like, and how I think, shared.

The issue of posting music that has copyrights is something I go back and forth on ALL THE TIME. Sometimes, I feel like an album should be bought, but other times, i feel like the pure enjoyment of music is worth more than an album sale. Sometimes, I have the drug dealer mentality "If they don't get it from me, they'll get it from someone else", other times, I feel like I'm robbin the artists by posting a link. One thing that I do know, is that illegal downloading does not begin or end with my blog, or anyone else's blog, so It's a battle that cannot be fought. Before anything else, artists need exposure, and as a DJ, that is where I come in. My purpose as a DJ is to share music, and to expose artists. I don't look as myself as a musician, and NO one can is ever bigger than music. I look at myself as a messenger. I tell people what I know. I absorb information from one, and pass what I learn onto others. Whether I'm DJing in a club, or I'm on the blog, that is my purpose. That is something that comes natural to me. That's what I did before I was a DJ, and I will continue to do that after DJing.

ENOUGH about the past! Lemme tell yall what to expect in the blogging future. In the past (here we go again...) I would post non-Hip Hop every Friday. ..Thats not gonna change. Fridays is gonna be most likely some Jazz, Funk, Soul, or some other joints I'm feeling. Also, I want to start posting some more goldenage (I hate using that word) Hip Hop, and more classic joints of yesteryear. To add in more sports, I wanna include weekly sports rants. I have so many opinions I never get to share, I think that's a good way to do it. Also, more photography, and personal photos. I'm also going to give you some more joints in my personal collection. I know what yall MFs think..."Damn, Haylow, how'd u get that 12"?" Trust me, I haven't shown yall NOOOTHIN!! But seriously, I want to include more of my 12" and vinyl rips. I got some good stuff, nothin TOO crazy, but I may get an "o shit" from some cats out there. Of course, its easy to say all this stuff now, and who knows what I'm gonna come up with in the future, but these are some initial plans.

sooo...with all that said, I hope yall appreciate the blog, and I definitely thank all the people who have checked out the blog.

Year one is in the books.


MLA = Much Love Always said...

Congrats Homie/Blogger/Friend. Keep up the good work. Stay inspired. Talk to us.