Phonte from Little Brother disses Kanye West's 808

(taken from www.hiphopdx.com)
Recently, Phonte of Little Brother spoke his mind on Kanye West's latest album, 808s and Heartbreak [click to read] on the Conspiracy Worldwide Radio podcast.

When the topic of Kanye was brought up, Phonte made no secret of how he felt about Ye's latest project. "I heard pretty much most of the Kanye album," he said. "I didn't like it. I was just like 'get the fuck out of here.'

"I honestly thought it was an act of cowardice," continued Phonte. "I think if you're gonna make the creative leap to sing, then really sing. Let your voice come out, and let people hear all the eccentricities and all the little idiosyncrasies in your voice. That's what makes you uniquely you...Imagine if Aretha Franklin used Auto-Tune on 'Respect.'"

Phonte added that he thought Kanye was "biting T-Pain," and concluded by saying that 808s and Heartbreak was a "case of the reach extending the grasp."


There was over 170 comments on this article, here's what I said.

Im a Big lil brother fan, but Phonte needs to stfu on this one.

1. What does Kanye have to do with him and his career?

2. Kanye gives T-Pain credit for his usage of Autotune

3. I personally think its a phase that Kanye is on, nothin more nothin less. He's entitled to do what he feels

4. Wack or not, Kanye is forever on the next level, and hes proved for almost a decade he can make timeless music

5. People say he can't sing, and maybe he cant, but he does what he wants to do. I thought you WEREN'T supposed to listen to Haters.

6. I never thought I'd hear a rapper saying he can sing better than another rapper

7. Imagine Aretha on Auto Tune when she sang 'Respect'. well, Imagine if Herbie Hancock DIDN'T use scratching on 'Rocket', OR imagine Sugar Hill Gang NOT sampling and rapping over a popular disco track.

8. If Kanye, or ANY respected artist goes out on a limb, why are we ready to crucify him? There isn't one person in the world where we agree with EVERYthing they do.

I realize that this is about 15 seconds of an entire podcast, and Phonte was taken out of context, but I don't understand the animosity towards Kanye and his new sound. He'll be on the next boat soon, and when it's all said and done, he'll be one of the greatest artists ever.


MLA said...

Phonte is just mad that no one takes his serious singing seriously. Show Kanye what's what by putting out a project in 09 homie!

fresh2def said...

biting t-pain who was biting roger troutman and peter frampton with use of the talk box who were both biting stevie wonder. stuff becomes art when only one person has an appreciation for it. there's a big distinction between criticizing someone and going the hater route. with regard to #7 i'm not sure sugarhill sampled 'good times' but replicated the loop with a studio band, but yeah point taken.