Mr. Magic, Rest in Peace


Growing up where and when I did, I was unable to listen to Mr. Magic on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean his presence and aura wasn't felt throughout the forefathers, fans, and New Yorkers alike. In a sense, it's like hearing your parents talk about a relative which you never got the chance to know, but you still love em for the way people talk about them. Back in that time period, Radio was like BET, Magazines, and Blogs combined, and I can only imagine the revere and respect this man commanded. I posted links to some of his mixes in tribute, and just like our recent fallen icons, His legacy will live on.

Mr. Magic Disco Showcase (1981)
WHBI Mr. Magic (1985)
via www.old-school-hiphop-tapes.blogspot.com

Mr. Cee Mr. Magic Tribute (10/2/09)