D.Julien - Absolute Perfection


My man out of BK hit me with some joints off his new project "Live, Love, and Learn". He got a great sound and it's def worth a download. The Production is by Soulful! out of the DMV. This combo will be making a lot of noise in the near future, so stay tuned.

Absolute Perfection
Baby It's Over


DJ NYKE Aka The Mpc Fanatic said...

thanks for the comment homie i Got some Of THe Joints beacause i got all the vinyls and cd's of this and i know some homie that can get me those joints but now im searching a real mc and i dont find one
but im searching a dj that can Scratch in my beats like a team you know wanna mean you the dj and me the beat maker you heard my beat?


and if you know a good mc i wanna do a groupe like back in the 90's that real live boom bap hip hop know wanna mean peace homie keep it goin

and can you passe me the link of

Soul Brother Selections:
Pete Rock Productions mixtape

so i can upload it on my blog peace man keep it goin