Q-Tip - Wild Hot / Freestyle


Usually you'd get on someone for using the same verse, but Q-Tip gets a pass. I know this was somewhat common in the 90's, but I really don't think you can get away with it in this day n age. I know Kanye did it with is "mayonaise colored benz, I push miracle whips" verse, and I've heard Tash do it, but I think that everything an artist puts out nowadays is subject to exposure, so I think emcees are more careful about it. Any others? Please let me know!

For the freestyle, the beat is so unusual for something for Q-Tip to rap on, especially for that time. It kinda has a West Coast gangsta feel to it. It's something that may catch you off guard, but it still should be in your collection, esp if you're a Tribe fan. It was off this Record called Mr. Sandman Freestyles. The other cut is of the Rhyme & Reason soundtrack, featuring Busta Rhymes.

Q-Tip Freestyle



Anonymous said...

you posted the same song twice...