Javad Jahi, Rest in Power

Javad Tshombe Martinez Jahi, a consummate warrior spirit and eloquent orator, has taken his place amongst the ancestors and The Most High. His dedication to family, friends and community is evident in all he does. A scholar, activist, youth advocate, supporter of human causes, lover of the arts and avid sportsmen, Javad has made the transition and accepted his new assignment and promotion with The Most High as of November 28th, 2009.
Words cannot adequately describe the spiritual essence, compassion and commitment exuded by this rare, yet down-to-earth, brother who will continue to be celebrated until time indefinite by all whom he has touched.
His thirty-two years are chock-full of accomplishments too numerous to list in the context of this brief message. The legacy of this phenomenal brother is one infused with abundant activity and overwhelming love by his family, co-workers and the vast number of brothers, sisters, students and elders that are included amongst his loved-ones and vast network…

All who know Javad recognize the love of life that he conveys to all in his path…

This is an excerpt from the poem “Back and Forth” from Mood Swings, a collection of poetry by Javad Jahi.

Black, brown, mahogany, chocolate, dark ebony tones

Leading me to a pathway home

Victorious visions in the mind continue to roam

I hope your souls I have not over flown

My wings will not truly soar, unless accompanied by the flock

Different minds staying solid like rocks

From this birds eye view shows the opposite of few

Grasping truth’s wetness in my clutches

Off this I pray

But it slid away like night taking day

Surely we will miss Javad, moreover know that his loving, caring spirit reigns free and strong. Rest assured that his family, friends and community shall continue the legacy of this mighty and magnanimous giant of a spirit…

With loving memories…

Javad’s Family…

pictured left to right: Jase, Javad Jahi, and Michael.


MLA said...

The folks & the community are gonna feel this loss, fa real.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Bernie Macc said...

^^^^^Wow, are you serious, dude? Someone should delete this clown's comments.

Rest in peace, brother Javad. He will live forever in our hearts and in the community.

Haylow said...

Bernie Macc, pls excuse the spam comments. They've been littering my blog for the past couple weeks. It is a shame that they have to find it's way on such a sincere post.

Brother Javad is still with us! He will most definitely live forever.

Sean Irving said...

We lost a warrior on Earth and gained a warrior in the spiriual realm. He will guide and stregnthen us if we allow...if we have faith...if we hold his memory close...if we lift up his name and his legacy...and most importantly, if we contnue to work for frredom and justice for African people around the world!

I LOVE YOU VAD!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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