ATCQ: Queens Representatives - DJ Haylow

Once upon a time, Distortion 2 Static had a radio show hosted by myself and Beats Me. We would do tributes, themes and such, and one episode we did a tribute to Tribe Called Quest. I did an ALL TRIBE mix for about 90 min straight, and me and Beats me had mic breaks discussing one of the best Hip Hop groups of all time. We discontinued the radio show, but I still had the mix, so I figured I would release it to the many who haven't heard it; fix the levels, add artwork, and give it a title, and voila! New Mixtape! So this is a joint I did about 2 years ago, and it's a straight shot...no multi-tracking or edits, so please excuse the mistakes. With that said, it gets the stamp of approval. This one goes out to all the Tribe enthusiasts across the globe.



1. Push it Along
2. Mr. Incognito
3. The Jam
4. If the Papes Come
5. Buggin Out
6. Ham n' Eggs
7. That Shit
8. Stir it Up
9. The Love
10. The Hop
11. Hot Sex
12. Electric Relaxation
13. Everything is Fair
14. Lyrics to Go
15. Pad and My Pen
16. Sucka Nigga
17. Verses w/ the Abstract
18. Keep it Rollin
19. Phony Rappers
20. Busta's Lament
21. Excursions
22. We Got the Jazz