gOldenEra Remixes - Mixed by DJ Haylow

I would like everyone to read before downloading:

There's usually a reason why I make every mixtape I make, but this one deserves a bit of an explination. Now, I'm not one of those cats that can't get over the fact that it's no longer 1993, and that the state of Hip Hop is getting worse on a daily basis, BUT like most Hip Hop listeners young and old, I appreciate the Golden Era for molding me as a person and shaping the current "Hip Hop Rennisance"

I started DJing in 1997, and that's when early 90's Hip Hop was being preserved as best it could, and I was also a vinyl junkee. Buying 12" was a weekly thing, and frankly, I'm not sure if singles were really being pushed on any format. With that being said, if an artist had a remix of a song, SOMETIMES it would be a bonus track on an album, but usually the only way you could get it is on the 12" single, or CD single (which Im sure no one was buying). THAT was the importance of the DJ, and THAT was the importance of collecting vinyl. If you were a HUGE Hip Hop fan, and bought every album that came out, and loved the music, there were a lot of remixes that weren't available to you. Or if you're a youngster that grew up a couple years after I did, these remixes may have got lost, erased, and forgotten. So Im throwin it back, bringin to the light music that only DJs would be available to DJs, vinyl collectors, and the truly extinct maxi-cassette single collectors. I'm also shoutin out the DJs that carried the vinyl and spent hours in the record stores. I also intentionally made this Mixtape have that throwback 90's sound, so this one is geared for the O.G.'s and the New School heads

When you remember the Golden Era, don't for get the REEEEEEMIIIIIIXXXX!!


gOldenEra Remixes - Mixed by DJ Haylow


1. Masta Ace Inc - Saturday Night Live (LA Jay Remix)
2. Ol Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo (Lord Digga Remix)
3. De La Soul f. Common - The Bizness (1996 Vinyl Reanimator Remix)
4. J-Live - Braggin Rights (Dome Cracker Remix)
5. Tribe f. Faith Evans - Stressed Out (Raphael Saadiq Remix)
6. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Searchin’ (Remix)
7. The Roots - Silent Treatment (Beatminerz Remix)
8. Craig Mack f. Q-Tip - Get Down (Q-Tip Remix)
9. Buckshot LeFonque - Music Evolution (DJ Premier Remix)
10. Biggie Smalls - Machine Gun Funk (DJ Premier Remix)
11. Kool G. Rap f. Nas - Fast Life (Neptunes Remix)
12. Grand Puba f. Sadat X - I Like It (Buckwild Remix)
13. Pharcyde - She Said (Jay Dee Remix)
14. Boogie Monsters - Recognize Thresholds...(Stressless Remix)
15. The Nonce - Mixtapes (1926 Sunday Night Remix)
16. Jay-Z - In My Lifetime (Big Jaz Remix)
17. Outkast - Elevators (DNP 86 Remix)
18. The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix)
19. Pharcyde - Passin’ Me By (Fly as Pie Remix)
20. Lost Boys - Lex, Coups, Bemaz, & Benz (Dat Nigga Remix)
21. AZ - Gimme Yours (Erick Sermon Remix)
22. Nas - The World is Yours (Kev Brown Remix)
23. Outkast - Players Ball (Video Remix)
24. Tribe - O My God (Remix)
25. Ras Kass - Anything Goes (Remix)
26. Common - I Used to Love H.E.R. (9th Wonder Remix)



Erocc said...

What's up Haylow! This is a mixtape for me! I've been there...hauling crates and crates of records from one gig to the next. Making pause mixtapes in high school with my CD's and maxi-singles I'd get from Music Plus (90-94...the Golden Era!) Spending my weekly food allowance in college at Tower Records in San Diego EVERY WEEK...and I'll still eat Top Ramen all day, EVERYDAY if that's what it takes.
Again, this mixtape is for me...good lookin out.
DJ Arkatekt

Mike Tastic said...

Classic full of classics. Hip hop LIVES!!!